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Obamacare Deception

Americans are being led down the wrong path. There has been and continues to be a concerted effort led by the Government and encouraged by the media to make us believe that our healthcare system was the worse system in the industrialized world, that doctors were the cause of high healthcare costs, that if you were responsible for paying for your own health insurance you were selfish and somehow taking it from someone less fortunate, and that if you feel everyone has the right to pursue economic independence without government intervention that is designed to pick winners and losers – you hate the poor or you are racist and/or sexist.

The truth is much simpler; under the guise of liberalism and fairness our Government has adopted the concept of central planning. We have had a concerted globalization of our banking system (TARP), our military (subjugation of our autonomy to the UN), and the centralization of our public education system (first with ‘no child left behind’ and now with the Common Core Curriculum). It has taken over 50 years starting with adoption of Medicare i.e., socialized medicine for seniors, notwithstanding the failure of Hillary care, to take over our healthcare system with the arrival at Obamacare.

While we focus to distraction on the failure of the website, the first phase of Obamacare has been successfully accomplished. Obamacare has successfully unraveled the healthcare system as we know it. Since the law was passed:

  • Doctors have been closing independent private practices to become employees of hospitals, to join large groups or they have left medicine completely exacerbating the doctor shortage.
  • Community hospitals have closed. Hospitals have grown into large systems that control the marketplace, and therefore access to care by buying out or otherwise squeezing out competition such as independent surgery centers.
  • Independent pharmacies have succumbed to the big chains that have systematically formed alliances with the medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and with their preferred status, they have successfully kept prices high. They have also branched out into primary care minute clinics that now cater to people with chronic diseases competing with better trained primary care physicians and urgent care facilities staffed by Board Certified ER physicians.
  • There has been an expansion of the number and the scope of practice of healthcare extenders such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants leading to frontline healthcare being driven by less experienced practitioners
  • Instead of concentrating on increasing the number of American medical students, there has been an increase in the outsourcing of medicine to foreign trained physicians to provide care in the hospital setting.

The second phase is now coming into focus. It is not an accident that people are being thrown off of their insurance. The perfect storm was created to achieve this goal. The out of pocket caps on cost for the individual were delayed; there is a 25% surcharge on so called Cadillac health plans; policies which were protected by the grandfather clause were never meant to stand up to the  regulations and compliance written into the law, and the fact that it will be cheaper for an employer to drop coverage and pay the fine should provide ample proof that the strategy of  Cloward-Piven is in play. Overwhelm the system to break it in order to rebuild it. However, it is not Medicare for all, but actually the end result is a single payer system set up as Medicaid for all.

Once the patients are within this system, is there any doubt that the doctors will be next? One only need pay attention to the trial balloon that was sent up by Virginia Democrat Kathleen Murphy who stated that doctors should be legally forced to take Medicare and Medicaid – That is the Obamacare endgame. The goal is collectivism which allows the government to be the arbiter of what constitutes what is best for everyone – except the elite and their cronies. For a physician, not only will this mean a restriction of trade, it will also mean the end of The Hippocratic Oath, and the death of the doctor patient relationship.

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  2. BigJohn March 24, 2014 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Thank you for continuing to study, as it is never over. You have read and understand what you where reading and listening to. BRAVO! I have passed your site on to others.
    Best regards
    BIG John

  3. Elizabeth Morris December 12, 2019 at 1:05 am - Reply

    Thank you, Dr George. As a former RN – I agree with you entirely. I have also had some experience with the Indian Health Service that forewarns the inadequacy of government run healthcare. Thank you for the work you are doing.

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