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Velocloud End User Subscription Agreement

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Velocloud End User Subscription Agreement

Duo Security`s liability for all matters arising out of or related to its agreement with RapidScale and the agreement, to the extent permitted by law, is excluded. They are required to bring actions against RapidScale in all cases covered by such agreements. Terms and conditions of the duo`s security service at: The links above are as of January 29, 2015. In order to obtain the source code of the software subject to the terms of the corresponding license agreement (if applicable and available), send an email request to End User License and Service Agreement at the following address: These RapidScale Third Party Service Terms and Conditions of Sale are included by reference in the RapidScale Terms and Conditions of Sale available at the following address: (“Terms and Conditions”). Defined terms that are not defined here have the meaning attributed to these terms in the general conditions of sale. Certain services and/or features and functionality of the services provided by RapidScale will be made available to you using the services and/or third-party products and business partners which may include software, information, data or other services. Some of these suppliers and business partners require users who use these products and services to agree to additional terms. This page presents the terms and conditions of sale of third parties required of these third parties and their business partners, since they apply to the corresponding services listed below. Your use of these services represents your consent to be subject to these additional terms and conditions. These terms may be changed at the discretion of that third party. The built-in next-generation firewall (app, user, device) in state and context provides granular control of micro-applications and support for protocol failover applications like Skype and other peer-to-peer applications (for example. B disable Skype video and chat, but allow Skype audio). The secure firewall service is capable of using and using an operating system and can separate voice, video, data and compliance traffic.

Policies for BYOD devices (Apple iOS, Android, Windows, MAC OS, etc.) in the corporate network can be easily controlled. It`s a denaturing one. “software services” means the services provided by the customer that are made available to you, displayed, performed, directly or indirectly accessing or interacting with the products. Customer must provide such data center services over the Internet, telephone network, or private network on a rental, subscription, or service basis, whether or not Customer receives a fee. Software services exclude all services that involve installing a product directly on an end-user terminal in order to allow an end-user to interact with the product. . . .

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