Media Inquires and Requests for Speaking Engagements

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Dr George is available for speaking engagements for both university and corporate audiences.

For speaking engagement requests contact 404-840-0415 or email

Examples of topics include:

  • Prevent Don’t Repair: Secrets to healthy living.
  • The Good, Bad & Ugly of Our Medical System: The economic pressures that have led our healthcare system to the state it is in today where the doctor/patient relationship has been compromised and health care decisions are driven by insurance companies.
  • Healthcare Reform: How it Might Hurt America: How health reform as currently proposed may lead to unintended consequences of less access to quality medical care, physician shortages and a two-tiered medical system that separates those who can pay from those who cannot
  • The Fundamental Problems with Medical Education: Training of young physicians is centered on disease instead of wellness and prevention This leads to a misplaced skepticism of natural remedies and negates the value of an integrative approach to medicine.
  • Health and Wellness And The Relationship to Entrepreneurship: How to run a successful private practice by using a patient centered approach to incorporate nutrition, cellular testing and the use of high quality supplements.
  • Work Smarter Not Harder: How to Create a Successful Niche Medical Practice: How to create a lucrative private practice that gives you the time to care for your patients and time to have a life outside of Medicine.
  • The Poisons in Our Food: How They Contribute to Disease: What everyone needs to know about the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry so that he/she can protect him/herself from the explosion in diseases like cancer, obesity and autism that have become an epidemic.
  • Vaccines and prevention: Myth vs Reality: Are vaccines like the H1N1 vaccine or Gardasil safe?
  • Corporate Strategies to Reduce Costs Through Wellness: Programs that can be implemented to improve employee productivity and reduce costs through stress reduction, prevention and wellness.

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