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Like Some Agreements Crossword Puzzle Clue

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Like Some Agreements Crossword Puzzle Clue

Crossword puzzles have become a popular pastime for people of all ages. It`s a fun and engaging way to improve your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. However, there are times when even the most seasoned crossword puzzle enthusiasts get stuck on a clue, such as “like some agreements.” If you`re having trouble solving this clue, don`t worry, we`ve got you covered.

First, let`s break down the clue “like some agreements.” The key to solving this clue is to determine what type of agreement the puzzle is referring to. The word “like” suggests that we are looking for a word that describes the agreement, not the agreement itself. So we need to think about the different types of agreements and what adjective might be used to describe them.

One type of agreement that immediately comes to mind is a legal agreement, such as a contract. Legal agreements can be described as binding, enforceable, or written. However, none of these adjectives fit the six-letter space we have available in our crossword puzzle. So we need to think outside the box.

Another type of agreement is a verbal agreement, such as a promise or a handshake. Verbal agreements can be described as informal, unwritten, or non-binding. But again, none of these adjectives fit the six-letter space in our puzzle.

So, what other types of agreements are there? One possibility is a mutual agreement. This type of agreement is made between two or more parties who agree to the same terms and conditions. A mutual agreement can be described as reciprocal, common, or shared. The word “shared” fits perfectly into our puzzle with six letters.

Now that we have our answer, we can confidently fill in the blank spaces with the word “shared.” This is a great example of how thinking creatively and considering all possibilities can help you solve even the trickiest of crossword puzzle clues.

In conclusion, solving a crossword puzzle is all about using your critical thinking skills, creativity, and knowledge of language. By breaking down the clues and thinking about the different possible answers, you can find the solution to even the most challenging crossword puzzles. So the next time you`re stuck on a crossword clue, remember to think outside the box and consider all possibilities.

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