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Good evening, I`m translating an Exclusive Referral Agreement and I don`t know if I should translate it into an “exclusive reference contract.” In the same pot, I`m with “the referred party” and the referring party . Thank you for your help. “xxxxx wishes to establish an exclusive referral relationship with xxxx in terms of which xxxx will refer assignments within the Territory…┬áThis invention involves a process and device to limit the number of simultaneous users of software (106) protected by a rights-of-use agreement. Results: 235. Exactly: 235. Time has passed: 123 ms. Mutual concession agreement on technology licences The answer to this question has not yet been proposed. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus The license agreement signed at the time with GM DAT for the production of Lanos expired on […] The new licensing agreement is for a period of seven years. The technology licensing agreement states that [the unrelated production company 2] must not pay a royalty [80]. .

Additional information for the analytics database may include evaluating a license position for a customer and determining appropriate usage licenses for a customer. . The Dutch authorities stress that the coffee roasting contract between Alki LP and SMBV cannot be considered a mere intellectual property licensing agreement. One selected participant: a participant in the T2S network service provider selection process who has been awarded a licensing contract for a T2S network service license: a company that has entered into a licensing agreement with the Eurosystem for the provision of connectivity services under T2S I found a “customer review cartel” on another site. Sounds a little weird to me. Can anyone confirm that? Thank you in advance. . In Year 1, A and B sign an over-regulation agreement whereby they license each other to use their respective technologies. This notion of substantive restriction applies to licensing agreements that deal with trade in the territory covered by the EEA agreement.

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