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Nanny Agreement Contract

A nanny contract or employment contract is not legally required by federal law, but you should still take the time to write one. It is a proven method that protects the family and provides a point of reference for both parties in case of questions or misunderstandings. nannyjob contract – download the job nannyjob contract as a word document The following examples can be used as a guide when creating a nanny contract. The agreement displayed on the document photo on this page is accessible as one of two types of files. Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. Note that two buttons with a file type name with the document image are displayed. Get your favorite file version using these buttons. The family may terminate the nanny agreement for one of the following reasons: risk to the safety or well-being of one of the children or other family members, repeated delays, inconsistency or inadequacy of work obligations, theft, dishonesty towards children or family members, abuse of family residence or personal property, breach of confidentiality agreement , authorization of unauthorized clients in the family residence, use or alteration of alcohol or any form of drug during labour (except for properly used medically prescribed drugs that do not affect the nanny`s ability to care for children), any criminal activity, whether on or off duty. In the case of a reasoned dismissal, as described here, the family is not required to give notice.

The family will only inform Nanny of a written notice of termination (with an acceptable hand) explaining the reason for the termination and the date and time of termination. In the event of termination for cause, the family will deposit the payment to nanny for the period worked until the date and date of termination within 48 hours of termination and Nanny will provide on that date all keys, security cards or other family items held by the nanny. It`s important to include provisions that define all benefits for your nanny, especially if they contain more than national and federal law requires, Flynn says. Include how and how often you want to communicate with your nanny and children. Some examples are phone, text, family blog, video chat, photos and S childcare apps. Legally, you don`t need to tell your nanny that you`re using cameras, but some states have laws on audio recordings without consent and often without disclosure records cannot be used as evidence. It is recommended that you tell your nanny that the cameras are being used. In addition, many states must comply with data protection and registration laws. When you discuss the cameras with your nanny, you can use the sound like “I have cameras, so I can see how my children`s day is” instead of “I don`t trust you”. This will help maintain a positive atmosphere.

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