Frequency Medicine and Biofeedback, Transformative Healing Ability

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Frequency Medicine and Biofeedback, Transformative Healing Ability

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Dr. Anna Blessing, PhD, M.Msc, B.Msc, CNC discusses the power of frequency medicine to promote health using biofeedback to empower the mind and body connection to break outside the paradigm of traditional medicine in order to promote better health. She operates the Frequency Medicine Clinic, Tucson Biofeedback.

After traditional medical approaches failed in helping her overcome years of suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines and anxiety/depression and C-PTSD (trauma), Dr. Blessing set out on a path to heal herself leading her to Biofeedback and Frequency Therapies which ultimately resulted in a total remission and healing of all conditions and a renewed understanding of the Quantum Biophysics.

“For too long we have separated the aspects of what it is to be Healthy and ALIVE, fragmenting ourselves in the process. This has led to growing epidemics of mental, physical and spiritual illnesses. In order to move beyond this paradigm, we must look at the intimate and intertwined aspects of the neurological, physiological, spiritual and psychological aspects if we truly wish to see healing unfold. Without this, we will continue to see the health of people decline. Health is a recipe, unique to each of us. There is no cure outside of us, the Power that made the Body Heals the Body it is up to us to eliminate what is causing the dis-ease and incorporate the tools, support and understanding our body requires “

Dr. Blessing’s staff of technicians all started as patients with her. Together, they work with people helping them overcome chronic previously written off Health Challenges. Conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, POTS, Autoimmune Conditions. TBI’s respond especially well to their approach, attracting the attention of leading medical research clinics and hospitals inquiring into their unique approach to Healing.

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