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Acting as an agent means that your partner accepts bookings on your behalf and on your behalf, so you can enter into direct contracts with your ATOL on inclusive travel arrangements. An ATOL holder who only sells packages through agents must have a written agency contract with each of their agents. If the right agency agreement does not exist, you (as an ATOL holder) and your representative are violating the ATOL rules and you may withdraw your license. Remember, you can never charge an agent to sell a Flight Plus on your behalf. If your business partner tries to do this, it is contrary to the rules of ATOL. In addition to an agency contract with your agents, you must ensure that they comply with other obligations in atol`s standard regulations and conditions regarding the issuance of ATOL certificates and receipts. Contact us for more information. If you have any questions about the content of the agreement, please contact us by e-mail or call us on 0151 738 1367 Here are some useful points regarding ATOL agency contracts: Section 1.4 of official data series 3 contains the conditions that must be included in the agreements concluded between ATOL holders and their representatives. Section 1.4 can be found on page 28 of the Official Record Series 3.

ATTENTION AGENTS! – In case of failure of an ATOL holder, an agent is required to provide caa with a copy of their agency contract so that complaints from customers who have booked through the agent can be processed. If an agent does not have an agency contract, the agent is required to grant the refund to the client. The law requires ATOL holders to have a written agency contract with any retail representative wishing to book a package. Please note that you will receive a confirmation email as soon as the agreement has been signed. You must click on the confirmation link in this email to make sure that the agreement is complete. If you prefer to download the ATOL agency contract and return a completed copy by mail, please download it here. Agreements may be sent to C. I. Travel Group Ltd. t/a Airways Holidays, 26 Babbacombe Road, Childwall, Liverpool L16 9JW. Agents who do not currently have an agency contract with C.

I. Travel Group can complete the contract on this page and sign it electronically by entering their details in clause 15. If you`re confused as to whether your company should have an ATOL agency contract with the companies it acts with, take a look at our article below. It should help you understand when an ATOL agency contract is needed and what form it should take. An ATOL holder who only sells flights or packages through agents must have a written agency contract with each of their agents. If the appropriate agency contract does not exist, the HOLDER OF THE ATOL and the agent infringe the provisions of the ATOL. Airways Holidays is a trading name of C. I. Travel Group Limited, which own ATOL 1965. .

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