Affordable Self-Pay Insurance Alternative or Government Single-Payer?

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Affordable Self-Pay Insurance Alternative or Government Single-Payer?

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Dr. Tony Dale the founder of Sedera, a medical cost sharing company joins Dr. George to discuss the power a patient has to access excellent health care via affordable self-pay insurance, the price for individuals and how it can fundamentally change the the US healthcare system. 

He founded Sedera in 2014 as an affordable self-pay insurance alternative. A former physician from Great Britain, Dr. Dale’s interest in the American medical system began in the mid-1990s when he had to have surgery in the United States. Through this experience, Dr. Dale saw tremendous inconsistencies and the staggering costs built into the American health insurance system. He knew there had to be an alternative.

That alternative was a Medical Cost Sharing organization. While the concept is not yet widely known, the philosophy has a 30-year legacy of success. Medical Cost Sharing is non-insurance where all Members share funds for medical care. Sedera was founded on the principle that people should share one another’s burdens. Today, Sedera has Members throughout the United States.

Now is the time to understand what a government single-payer model means for patient care and the cost of healthcare. There is and affordable alternative that gives patients the freedom to choose in order to take both their power back and strengthen they relationship with their doctor.


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