Playing Politics Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Proponents of the Affordable Care Act are getting exactly what they wanted. They have declared victory because of the decrease in health care costs. What they fail to mention is the reason there has been a decrease is because people can’t afford to use their insurance due to high out of pocket costs.

In this election season it is imperative to remember those who voted for this disaster without having read the bill; those who demonized people who raised valid questions about access to care, costs and rationing; and those who cried racism when valid points were raised about how the quality of care would necessarily drop because there was never enough money to subsidize a substantial number of the 30 million newly insured people. Those on Medicare need to remember that over 700 million dollars was taken from money that would have been used for their care to set up the unwieldy bureaucracy that is the underpinning of Obamacare.

Obamacare actually doubles down on what makes the US healthcare system so expensive. The only change is the creation of a bureaucratic infrastructure that allows the government to centrally control the delivery of healthcare via regulations and compliance covered in the cloak of  innocuous catch phrases like ‘meaningful use’, ‘accountable care organizations’ and ‘ a medical home’. Make no mistake what it all distills down to is control not health care. It is all about destruction of the doctor and the patient relationship and control of the healthcare choices that are allowed.

Now that the ACA is entering its second year it is clearly evident that promises have not been delivered. People have not been able to keep their doctor or the health insurance they like. The government has forced those with a moral objection to abortion to pay for it, and the promised savings of $2500 per family has morphed into average out of pocket costs of $6000  and premiums that have risen exponentially.

Over 220,000 doctors are currently not accepting Obamacare,  and that number is growing not because doctors don’t want to take care of patients, but because the reimbursements are so low they can’t keep their practices open. Furthermore, those who believe in the Hippocratic Oath have declined to accept Obamacare because of their refusal to work against the interest of their patientsThe decision to hide the true cost of health insurance until after the election is politics as usual – it wreaks of cynicism and hypocrisy, and it shows the contempt that proponents of the bill have for the American people. What they don’t want you to know is that it will only get worse after the election

  • Even if the insurance that people like has not been terminated, they will likely be priced out due to the further rise premiums and the out of pocket costs.
  • Those who have coverage through their employers will likely lose it because of the prohibitive cost to the employer.

This is all designed to fill up the healthcare exchanges ‎with people who have nowhere to go because the rug has been pulled out from beneath them. Voting for the status quo will only reward those who have put us on a path to single payer and encourage the irreversible destruction of the essence of our healthcare system which is based in both individualized patient care and on privacy and the sanctity of the doctor patient relationship. On November 4th, it is time to send a message that it stops NOW.



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The Immigration Problem: What Are The Health Risks?

There are some troubling facts about the wave of immigration through the southern border that are coming to light despite efforts by the government to keep Americans in the dark. Those that have questions have been silenced using the usual tactics of cries of racism, selfishness, and lack of compassion. However, questions need to be asked because the health of Americans is potentially at risk.

 This is what has been said:

 Proponents of immigration have said that the wave of immigration is no different from the past.

  • Historically immigrants that have come to America (e.g., Ellis Island) went through a structured process which allowed them to be checked for communicable diseases. In some cases they were quarantined until they no longer proposed a health threat and in other cases they were sent back to their country.
  • Border patrol agents have confirmed that the immigrants flooding in are not checked for diseases because of the sheer volume and lack of manpower.

This is what has been said:

The children from Central America have the same immunization rate as American children and therefore are not a health risk to Americans.

This is what we know:

  • The immigrants coming in have been documented as having communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and swine flu. Because there is limited use of the vaccine for the former and limited effectiveness of the vaccine for the latter (studies vary on the effectiveness of the swine flu vaccine estimates range from 42-96%),  individuals that come in contact with people with these diseases are at risk of becoming infected. Those who are the most vulnerable are first responders such as border patrol agents, children, seniors, and those with a compromised immune system.
  • Immigrant children in California have been hospitalized with bacterial pneumonia and border patrol agents have been stricken with bacterial pneumonia in Texas.
  • Other documented diseases and conditions include meningitis, scabies and lice.
  • Potentially it isn’t the diseases that we have been vaccinated against that are the most concerning, but ones like TB which have developed multiple drug resistance, or tropical diseases such as Dengue fever that doctors may have difficulty diagnosing and there is no treatment for them.
  • The American population has already been put at risk with people being dropped off at bus stations and being put on commercial airlines. It could potentially escalate this fall if these sick children are placed in schools exposing classmates, teachers and their families.

The government is seeking over 3 billion dollars for legal representation and for dispersing people to various states into communities without notification of governors under the guise of protecting the privacy of these immigrants; however, there is no attention being paid to the health of these people.

Why aren’t questions being raised about whether it is humane to place people in unoccupied prisons, overcrowded holding pens, and now FEMA centers without adequate health screening or separation of those who are sick from the general population?  Is it compassionate to dump people bus stations with the clothes on their back with nowhere to go, no job and no money? Is it moral to encourage people to travel over a thousand miles forcing them to run a gauntlet that puts them at risk of abuse, rape and potential human trafficking on top of the health risks? Is winning at all costs and staying in power so important that it trumps safety for both the immigrants and the American people?

The answer is clear. The immigration problem is not about compassion it is about politics.



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Obamacare’s Health Inequality

Whether we like it or not, Obamacare is the law of the land. Moreover, no one can argue that it has fundamentally changed the American healthcare system. We have been distracted by the disastrous roll out. Unfortunately, while we were distracted by constant bickering, the government has inserted itself between the doctor and the patient and taken control of the system – from a doctor’s treatment options to a patient’s choice from cradle to grave, and everything in between.

The debate on whether to repeal, amend or let the process continue to its conclusion has devolved into a heated argument where it is all about winning at any cost. But while pundits and politicians are preoccupied with winning, people are dying, people are losing their financial underpinning, and there is both a transfer of health and a transfer of wealth. In short, the healthcare system is breaking into a two-tiered system – those who are relegated to Obamacare will be trapped in a system which locks them out of  the very best healthcare that our country has to offer while those who can afford to will simply opt-out.

The current belief that everything will be rosy if everyone has health insurance is fundamentally flawed because having health insurance does NOT equal having access to affordable quality healthcare. The players involved with crafting Obamacare such as the pharmaceutical industry, the medical insurance industry, and the hospitals helped to craft a law that doubles down on the worst aspects of the health insurance problem. This explains why 30 million people will remain uninsured even if Obamcare is ever fully implemented.

The mantra of ever increasing healthcare costs caused by unscrupulous doctors has been dinned into our collective consciousness without regard to facts. The truth is care given by an independent private physician is the most cost effective type of healthcare received. If the independent private physician and the patient had been given a seat at the table, they would both have provided a powerful voice to distill the problems and provide solutions. After all who knows better about what is broken in a system than those on the front line who have to advocate for their patient while doing what it takes to make payroll, and those who want to find the best and most cost effective health care respectively.

Academic solutions to health care such as buying health insurance across state lines and keeping children on their parents health insurance until age 26 are great talking points, Unfortunately, they ignore the reality that there is still no cap on what an insurance company can charge the patient in out of pocket expenses; they can still deny coverage after a medical service is rendered; and they can still deny needed medical care on the basis of what they decide is medically necessary or what care will be allowed because they consider it experimental without regard to what the physician finds is medically indicated.

Instead of starting with the doctor patient relationship as the core of what it takes to provide efficient, excellent individualized cost effective healthcare, the middleman has been empowered driving bureaucratic layers with regulations and committees that inevitably increase cost. That cost is borne by the patient in longer waiting time, rationed care, and replacement of their trusted physician with less experienced extender providers such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners. There has even been a movement towards expanding the scope of practice by allowing pharmacists to write prescriptions and nurse practitioners and physician assistants to perform certain surgical procedures in the name of providing access and cutting costs. However, there is no way to calculate the cost that a patient may pay with a missed diagnosis or a botched procedure in the one size fits all conveyor belt driven medical system that is being set up.

The two tier system that is being created under the auspices of Obamacare can be broken by following the alternate path of free market medicine which is alive and well and thriving. By removing the insurance company and government middlemen, a patient will find that their costs will drop precipitously. They will once again have their choice of doctor, have the procedures they want, have a quality relationship with their doctor who will be able to spend time with them, and know what their costs are up front. The options are myriad and include:

  • Urgent care centers staffed by board certified ER physicians that charge a flat fee for visits that include x-rays, blood work in addition to the consultation (eg., North Atlanta Urgent Care
  •  Surgery centers who list their prices such as the Surgery Center of Oklahoma (
  • Websites where you can bid for medical services (
  •  Doctors who barter and have a sliding fee scale (
  • Medical Cost sharing organizations ( which are allowed under Obamacare guidelines. For example, Liberty health share will pay for 100% of health care costs (no eye or dental) after a $500 dollar deductible are met, for $199 dollars per month for an individual with a maximum coverage of 1 million dollar per occurrence per year. Unlike an insurance plan which has in network panels, resources are pooled and costs are shared so members can see any doctor or go to any hospital they want since the company pays for the medical services for a self pay negotiated rate.
  • Supplemental plans offered by as AFLAC actually pay patients after they have medical services such as surgical procedures or treatment for cancer.
  • A website which is a one stop shop for information for those who want to explore the free market medical system (

Each of these strategies provide an option that will give the patient true control of their health care dollar to spend in a system where there is true competition that is driven by innovation, customer service, collegiality and personal responsibility on the one hand  instead of cronyism, control and coercion on the other.

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A Physician’s Response To The State Of The Union Address

The power to choose your doctor, and for you in partnership with your doctor to decide your course of treatment is the foundation of excellent medical care. With The Affordable Care Act, the government has inserted itself to become the final arbiter of your care. It will ultimately decide who becomes the health winners and losers. Proponents of ObamaCare want people to believe that the system is so broken that it can only be fixed through fundamental change. The disastrous roll-out has certainly fed the push for single payer, but an argument can be made that the government bailout written into the bill has actually already ushered in single payer - since whoever controls the money controls the access and makes the rules.

As the ObamaCare train wreck continues to roll out, it will become painfully obvious to patients that although they have health insurance with no pre-existing conditions, free birth control and preventative care, they still may not be able to afford to access medical care when they need it because either the out of pocket costs from their co-insurance and deductibles are so high, or they will find that because they qualified for a subsidy, they will have that money clawed back the following year if their financial situation improves, or if they took the Medicaid option they will be unable to leave any of their wealth to loved ones because the government will take it to recoup payments made for their healthcare. Physicians will ultimately find that they will have no control of their talents. They will be considered to be providers of services that are a right that must be given for whatever value the government deems to be fair.  They will become interchangeable with the healthcare team and with that innovation, individualized healthcare and the art of medicine will be gone forever….but the antidote to what is ailing the American healthcare system is NOT more government intervention, it is more choice via free market medicine.


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Disenfranchised and Duped by Obamacare

It is no longer about the content of one’s character. It is all about winning at all costs. How else can the blind and dogged devotion of Progressives to Obamacare be explained. The architects have admitted that the law is inherently unfair. It creates a two tiered system that benefits the wealthy and privileged friends and relegates the poor, the middle class and the disenfranchised to an inferior healthcare system devoid of quality doctors in which the ‘unlucky’ ones who can’t afford it will be locked out of medical centers of excellence like Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and MD Anderson, stuck paying higher costs for medication, and paying more as if it is a privilege.

 The cheerleaders of this ghoulish system think it is okay for people to die from a lack of access due to high costs or denial of medical services deemed to be either medically unnecessary, experimental or simply too expensive. The real human costs are distilled down to statistical talking points because it is more important to be on the winning team no matter the consequences. For those who believe in this system, it brings a whole new meaning to taking one for the team. It is immoral and unfair for those who created this system along with their friends to opt out while falsely crying racism to silence anyone who dares to question their hypocrisy.

It is past time to demand that we really live by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s call for people to be judged by the content of their character instead of being silenced by hypocritical race hustlers who want to control our destiny. The race card which has been overdrawn for too long must be declined, and those who want to create and perpetuate victims in order to remain relevant need to be exposed and rejected.


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A Practicing Physician’s Prescription For A Healthcare Fix

For all of the desperate attempts at distraction, demonization and outright lies about Obamacare the truth remains – having health insurance does not equal getting quality healthcare.

It is true that there are problems with the health insurance industry. If anyone had bothered to ask independent private physicians why they no longer take Medicare/Medicaid, or why many are opting out of insurance and moving towards a cash only practice in increasing numbers, they would tell you that they stopped because the game is rigged. It has become harder for doctors and by extension patients to access quality affordable healthcare. Obamacare expands and empowers the most expensive aspects of our healthcare system thereby dooming Americans to pay more money in the form of taxes and rationed care.

The proponents of Obamacare like Ezekiel Emanuel (the architect of  The complete Lives System ) and Paul Krugman are finally coming out and telling us the truth. Obamacare has always been about control of our healthcare system by centralizing the power in the government. The method to control costs will be driven by higher taxes and rationing (ie., death panels). Unfortunately, the 30 million people who did not have health insurance will be exchanged for those who did and were not dependent on government handouts. Obamacare is not only a transfer of wealth from the young and the middle class to the government and its corporate friends, but as an astute individual commented – it is actually a transfer of health. Americans stand to lose their freedom to choose their doctor, and their freedom to choose how they treat their illness. For example, under the current law people can no longer use their health savings account (HSA) to buy natural remedies such as vitamins and supplements only brand name prescription drugs. How long will it be before we will be mandated to take vaccines or be placed on psychiatric medication against our will? Under this collectivist system the costs to the system will override individual freedom. There will be no anonymity within the national electronic medical record database.

 These are some simple solutions:

  • Change the tax code to allow private physicians to write off bad debt. 

Allow physicians to write off delinquent patient bills as bad debt. This would alleviate the need to send the  patient to collections and  remove healthcare costs as a cause of bankruptcy. It would also encourage medical care that is gratis because physicians could afford to offer it.

  •  Tort reform

Make patients who bring frivolous lawsuits responsible for paying all court costs. Consider caps on damages. Encourage doctors to give free care by giving them a discount on their malpractice insurance or waiving it if they provide a certain amount of free care per year.

  •   Allow Medicare and Medicaid access to cheaper drugs from other countries

Allow importation of drugs from Canada to decrease costs to both Medicare/Medicaid patients and the government.    

  •  Reform EMTALA (The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act

This is an unfunded congressional mandate passed in 1986, that required hospital emergency rooms to treat all patients regardless of their ability to pay. The unintended consequence of this bill has led to increased costs that get passed on to patients who are able to pay.

Instead: Require that patients who present to the emergency room be triaged and treated for real emergencies only, and not problems that are best treated in an outpatient office, clinic or urgent care setting. e.g., common cold or ear wax removal.

  • Require insurance companies to honor the pre-certification process

 Require that if an insurance company pre-certifies (approves) a procedure then they have to pay for it. They cannot deny it after the fact and leave the patient on the hook for paying the bill.

  • Separate the triumvirate of the pharmacies, the insurance companies and the pharmacy benefit management companies (PBMs)

They are colluding to keep prescription medication costs high, while limiting competition which would lead to cost control through honest competition.

  • Do not mandate the licensure of physicians be tied to taking Medicare/Medicaid  or Obamacare

This will guarantee an exodus of physicians further exacerbating the doctor shortage.

If the government really wanted to expand coverage for 30 million people all they would have had to do was expand Medicaid/Medicare. It would have been a lot cheaper than the cost of blowing up the private insurance market. Empowering independent doctors instead of the hospitals, the insurance companies and Big Pharma would have been a much cheaper fix.



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Obamacare Deception

Americans are being led down the wrong path. There has been and continues to be a concerted effort led by the Government and encouraged by the media to make us believe that our healthcare system was the worse system in the industrialized world, that doctors were the cause of high healthcare costs, that if you were responsible for paying for your own health insurance you were selfish and somehow taking it from someone less fortunate, and that if you feel everyone has the right to pursue economic independence without government intervention that is designed to pick winners and losers – you hate the poor or you are racist and/or sexist.

The truth is much simpler; under the guise of liberalism and fairness our Government has adopted the concept of central planning. We have had a concerted globalization of our banking system (TARP), our military (subjugation of our autonomy to the UN), and the centralization of our public education system (first with ‘no child left behind’ and now with the Common Core Curriculum). It has taken over 50 years starting with adoption of Medicare i.e., socialized medicine for seniors, notwithstanding the failure of Hillary care, to take over our healthcare system with the arrival at Obamacare.

While we focus to distraction on the failure of the website, the first phase of Obamacare has been successfully accomplished. Obamacare has successfully unraveled the healthcare system as we know it. Since the law was passed:

  • Doctors have been closing independent private practices to become employees of hospitals, to join large groups or they have left medicine completely exacerbating the doctor shortage.
  • Community hospitals have closed. Hospitals have grown into large systems that control the marketplace, and therefore access to care by buying out or otherwise squeezing out competition such as independent surgery centers.
  • Independent pharmacies have succumbed to the big chains that have systematically formed alliances with the medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and with their preferred status, they have successfully kept prices high. They have also branched out into primary care minute clinics that now cater to people with chronic diseases competing with better trained primary care physicians and urgent care facilities staffed by Board Certified ER physicians.
  • There has been an expansion of the number and the scope of practice of healthcare extenders such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants leading to frontline healthcare being driven by less experienced practitioners
  • Instead of concentrating on increasing the number of American medical students, there has been an increase in the outsourcing of medicine to foreign trained physicians to provide care in the hospital setting.

The second phase is now coming into focus. It is not an accident that people are being thrown off of their insurance. The perfect storm was created to achieve this goal. The out of pocket caps on cost for the individual were delayed; there is a 25% surcharge on so called Cadillac health plans; policies which were protected by the grandfather clause were never meant to stand up to the  regulations and compliance written into the law, and the fact that it will be cheaper for an employer to drop coverage and pay the fine should provide ample proof that the strategy of  Cloward-Piven is in play. Overwhelm the system to break it in order to rebuild it. However, it is not Medicare for all, but actually the end result is a single payer system set up as Medicaid for all.

Once the patients are within this system, is there any doubt that the doctors will be next? One only need pay attention to the trial balloon that was sent up by Virginia Democrat Kathleen Murphy who stated that doctors should be legally forced to take Medicare and Medicaid – That is the Obamacare endgame. The goal is collectivism which allows the government to be the arbiter of what constitutes what is best for everyone – except the elite and their cronies. For a physician, not only will this mean a restriction of trade, it will also mean the end of The Hippocratic Oath, and the death of the doctor patient relationship.

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Obamacare Reality Check

From the beginning, proponents of The Affordable Care Act conflated the
argument that the rising costs of healthcare were due to people without health
insurance. They ignored the fact that most Americans have health insurance, and
they failed to admit that the rising costs of health care have been ignited by
players such as the medical insurance industry and big Pharma which were
integral in crafting Obamacare.

Starting October 1st, people will learn what doctors and patients have known
all along – having health insurance does not equal receiving quality affordable
healthcare. The bronze plan can cost a person at least $2000 in out of pocket
expenses which is in addition to their premium. This cost can rise significantly
because the mandate that was to put a cap on out of pocket expenses was delayed.
People will find themselves in the unenviable position of not being able to
afford medication, tests or procedures because they can’t afford to pay their
portion. Even though no one can be turned away for preexisting conditions, they
can still be effectively priced out of care because the premiums and the out of
pocket expenses are too high.

  • Obamacare will invariably lead to a centralized, rigid healthcare system that
    will insert the government as the decision maker breaking the doctor patient
  • Cost control will be the driving force to keep the system operating;
    therefore, rationing of care will be inevitable.
  • A myriad of new taxes will be levied and economic and personal privacy will
    be sacrificed to make sure everyone (except Congress and other privileged
    groups) is paying their fair share because this expensive system with its
    subsidies and entitlements will have to be funded.

When the system is overwhelmed and breaks, as it was intended, the end result
will be a complete takeover of the healthcare system by the government as single
payer, socialized medicine.

There will also be another enormous change in our country – the transfer of wealth, not from the rich to the poor, but from the middle class making them another segment of society that will become dependent on the government.


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Obamacare: Smoke And Mirrors

The Affordable Care Act is the most recent and far reaching effort by the government to control healthcare in America. Our system has been the envy of the world with both clinical and research innovation at the heart of its foundation. What made our healthcare system exceptional was the fact that it was based on free enterprise. Doctors were free to practice medicine under the guidelines set forth by their Hippocratic Oath and patients were free to seek treatment from physicians of their choice. Initially it was very simple and affordable – the independent private physician had both a moral/ethical and a fiduciary responsibility to the patient. The doctor patient relationship was sacrosanct and there was no third party middle man.

Since 1948, when the United Nations created the World Health Organization (WHO) there has been an inexorable movement towards centralization of the power to take decisions away from the individual  and give them to the government in the form of regulation and mandates. This model was adopted readily by countries and is the under pinning of socialized medicine. The US was notably the only western country to hold out. However, that changed in1965 when Medicare was passed as part of the Social Security amendments. Medicare was set up as a federal program that provided socialized medicine for America’s seniors.

  • Just like Obamacare, it was initially sold to Americans as a government program that would ‘take care’ of Americans. It would make the Government the benefactor, the caregiver, and the savior absolving Americans from personal responsibility – all you would have to do is put your faith and money in the government and everything would be taken care of with nothing to worry about.
  •  Just like Obamacare, Medicare was drafted by bureaucrats and politicians who were more interested in concentrating power and controlling the purse strings, not providing true healthcare.
  • Just like Obamacare, there were no doctors or patients involved with the crafting of the legislation; and therefore, there was no one who was a true advocate for the patient.

Over the years, Medicare has devolved into a bankrupt, bloated, and wasteful system that has been a piggy bank for Congress (e.g., Congress removed 700 billion dollars from the Medicare trust fund set aside for patient care to help fund Obamacare). Although the costs for seniors have increased in the form of higher deductibles, there has been a steady decline in access and treatment options. There is nothing to suggest that money taken for Obamacare will do anything more than add additional money to their slush fund. For those who argue that healthcare will improve, they should realize that under Obamacare, Medicare reimbursements to hospices will increase 1% while those to hospitals will fall  - making it hard to argue that healthcare in this new system will not emphasize rationing and palliative care to keep costs down. 

While people are distracted by the argument about will they or won’t they defund Obamacare, the medical system that was once the envy of the world is being dismantled and reconfigured as a government controlled grid falsely packaged as a caring patient centered system that will provide unlimited access to medical care, the freedom to choose your doctor with ever decreasing costs. Despite the blame being placed on Republicans about wanting people to die, the truth is Obamacare is set up to do the very thing that is said its opponents want.

If left in place, Obamacare will continue to drive a broken system propped up by taxpayer money. One where physicians, that still choose to be a part of it ,will be kept in line through fear and intimidation, while allowing cartels such as the medical insurance industry and big Pharma to collude via medication formularies and pharmacy benefit management companies to control both price and access to medication. Hospitals will continue to consolidate and become too big to fail by removing their competition and making themselves the only game in town. They will also limit access to patient care in the process by increasing waiting times for appointments, and restricting access by offering their own hospital underwritten insurance limiting patients to facilities and doctors within their system.

The most ironic part about Obamacare is it will not lead to a significant decrease in those who cannot access meaningful healthcare. People will still won’t be able to access healthcare either because they can’t find a doctor or they cannot afford to seek treatment. The only difference is they will be forced to pay for the privilege… but maybe that’s the point. Create the problem, wait for the reaction and provide the solution as Harry Reid  gleefully admitted – single payer.

 It’s time for Americans to stop being distracted by the bright shiny thing ….We deserve better.

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Obamacare’s Cost Of Control

There is a strong push currently being made by advocates of Obamacare to convince Americans it is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. Even celebrities are being trotted out by the White House to tell us how lucky we are to be forced into a system that is both built on promises that were never intended to be kept, and one that is ethically and morally bankrupt that they, members of Congress and other cronies of the elite will never have to use.

The truth about Obamacare that no one will tell you is it is NOT about healthcare it is about centralized government control:

1. It is about control of 1/6 of the economy.

 All working Americans will have to either submit proof of insurance or enter an exchange. In order to be compliant an individual who enters the exchange will have to submit their tax return, their social security number, their employers tax ID, banking account information, their address, and telephone number. The information is kept on file for several years. If employment changes the following year and a person ends up making more money and pricing out of the government supplement, an individual will have to pay the government back. Say good bye to the tax return and say hello to the incentive to work as little as possible in order to be eligible for government assistance.

 2. It is about control of physicians

Because of government regulations, the cost of compliance, and the rising cost of doing business coupled with the dramatic drop in reimbursements, independent private physicians are being driven out of business either into retirement or into the arms of hospitals or large group practices that are increasingly becoming satellites of large hospital systems. The cost structure of a hospital is vastly different from a private physician for a myriad of reasons – overhead and fiduciary responsibility to stock holders to turn a profit at the top of the list. What it would cost a patient in an independent physician’s office doubles or triples in a physician practice owned by a hospital.  

3. It is about control of your private health information

Under the guise of efficiency and cost savings both physicians and patients were encouraged to get on the electronic medical record bandwagon. Instead of efficiency what was accomplished is a treasure trove of private medical information which can be mined by various government agencies including HHS, IRS, and the FBI (to prosecute fraud and abuse). Makes you wonder about the role of NSA or homeland security. What if an individual has been prescribed an antidepressant for something as benign as an aid to help them stop smoking? Will that flag them and cause them to fail a background check if they are seeking to obtain a license for a gun?

4. It is about control of your money

The middle class was told that Obamacare would sock it to the rich and redistribute their wealth as a doctrine of fairness. The truth is wealthy people like Warren Buffett are still paying less taxes than their secretaries, corporations like Apple and GE are paying little or no taxes, and big corporations are exempt from paying for Obamacare until 2014. The reality is that small business and the middle class are on the hook now more than at any other time in our history – responsible for paying the way of both the wealthy and the poor. For anyone that has looked at the cost of Obamacare critically it is obvious that the middle class will take an enormous hit. 

- Employers will no longer be able to write off the expense for coverage for their employees as a business expense making them more likely to drop coverage.

- Employees cannot write off payment of health insurance premiums.   

- The threshold for writing off personal health expenses has jumped to almost 10,000 out of pocket.

- Those with a health savings account (HSA) cannot use their money to purchase cost effective over the counter medication or nutritional supplements only more expensive prescription medication

- Out of pocket expenses for the Obamacare silver plan will cost the monthly premium plus the individual would have to pay $2500 out of pocket before the insurance would kick in. Imagine someone working for minimum wage or a family having to pay into the system, and then pay an additional $2500 dollars every year just to access the system. It will lead to a decrease in access because the individual will have to make the difficult decision of whether to see a doctor or to pay bills.   

5. It is about control of your freedom to live your life as you choose.

NY is the template. Big gulps and popcorn are only the beginning. Under the guise of  ’meaningful use’ health care personnel are collecting all sorts of information about you. Your height, your weight, your vaccine history, whether you ever thought of harming yourself or others, and if there are guns in the home are some examples of data that is being collected. Because Obamacare is a socialized collectivist system we are all seen as tied to one another. If there is a group that is deemed to be taking more resources they will be dealt with. For example, if your body mass index (BMI) is too high you will treated as a risk for a big ticket illness such as heart disease or diabetes. Now that obesity is considered a disease by the AMA mandated behavior modification will not be far behind. In the future, try buying soda or potato chips with an EBT card if you receive public assistance and your health record tags you as obese -  social engineering 101.

Obamacare is a corrupt scheme that has fooled Americans into entering a system that will limit their health care choices, encroach upon their freedom, rob them of their hard earned money, and destroy their privacy.

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